Narrative Shift Communications

Exceptional writing for social impact

Prospect Research

The process of identifying the right funder for your program or project is both time consuming and complicated. We help streamline the search using an advanced set of databases and online resources that aren't readily available to every organization. We also help you leverage existing relationships to build new ones.
We pride ourselves on providing reliable, realistic, and actionable research to our clients.

Proposal Development

Our primary goal at Narrative Shift Communications is to tell our clients' stories in a way that will set them apart from other competitive applicants. This requires passion, skill, and an exacting attention to detail.
We offer exceptional and comprehensive writing services inclusive of concept papers, letters of intent, proposals and more.

Reporting and Stewardship

Followup is among the most important elements of an effective fundraising program. Once an award has been made, acknowledgement and reporting become critical.
We will work collaboratively with your program and finance teams to ensure complete, timely, and accurate post-award communications that fully convey the impact of your efforts.